i love my weighted companion cube, Chris Hofmann (3D)


Title: i love my weighted companion cube
Name: Chris Hofmann
Country: Germany
Software: Maxwell Render, Maya

i love my weighted companion cube

this week valve software release the so called orange box. part of this game-collection is PORTAL. it can be considered as an ego-perspective puzzle-game. with the help of a portal-gun you can place the entrance and exit of portals through which you can move freely. additionally you get the weighted companion cube which is nothing more as a cube you can jump on to get to higher places. this gameplay element is as old as it can get but the way it is introduced by valve is nothing short of pure cute:) it is so simple and the same time adorable that it made me remodel its geometry as soon as i found time.

i hope you enjoy this pic as a possible wallpaper for your desktop as much as this game is enjoyable for puzzle fans. lets hope that we get additional levels soon because this new gameplay is just addictive.

1600x1200 wallpaper

additional resolutions can be found here:


A little bit more of a metal texture would have been nice. Portal is awesome and I felt myself sometimes trying to not forget my companion cube. To bad we have to destroy it at the end, lol. As a guy I dont think I will use it as my desktop, it may convey the wrong thing about me.:smiley:

Good work:applause:


Simple, but nice.


haha, this is great. simple idea but brilliantly executed. very nice rendering. what kind of lighting did you use?


Hehe Great!
I loved the Game too! Nice work. . . Beautyful :thumbsup:


Looking closely at the cube, it looks like the camera focus isn’t exactly on the cube. It looks a bit blurry. Other than that, simple, but nice.


Very nice! I enjoyed Portal too :slight_smile:


Ya… Simple, but nice. i like it…



i uploaded some additional resolutions.
you can find them

if you still miss your favorite ressolution please drop me a note.


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