I like LW a lot but i dont have enought money to buy it.What shoud i do?


I have the LWDE7.5 and i realy like it.But the problem is that that i want to buy it but i dont have money i dont have money at all.I have read the manuel .pdf and it is realy interesting and i want to work in it.Can anyone tell me what to do or how to collect money???
Thanks a lot and regards


well, erm…

you could try selling some stuff on ebay…
how old are you? could you qualify for a student license?

i’m not sure but maybe there is a retailer somewhere that you could pay in monthly installments?

well thats all i can think of at the moment.
one thing though, dont get a pirated copy!



edit> or go with a cheaper program, they are always being given away on magazines. it depends whether you want it to do profesional graphics, of just to learn with. <edit


You could try pleading and begging Newtek :slight_smile:

There’s some real nice people there, hey, it just MIGHT work. (I don’t know if you should get your hopes up though)


I’ve never tried out the LW DE version. I know it has some limitations on polygon count, but can’t you use the DE version to learn LW ?

Where are you from though ? If you’re in the UK you should check the coming issue of Computer Arts. They’re giving away Cinema4D 6 CE away for free:


I think this is one of the best 3D give aways to date ( besides Motion Builder ). Very good 3D package to start your 3D journey with. You can always buy LW later if you’ve got the money. The things you learn in C4D ( or any other free 3D package ) can be easily applied to Lightwave.

Another option, check out ebay on a regular basis or Newtek’s buy&sell forum. There are always people wanting to sell LW at really good prices. But you said you haven’t got money at all. Guess it means you need to get a part time job and save up some money.

Or wait for a free Lightwave version to be given away on a magazine in the future :wink:


oh yeah!! i learnt in c4d 6. very good app!


what are the limitations on the demo? watermark?


water mark, limited resolution, and only a maximum of 400 points per layer.


seems to be full version except there is a res limit - i’m guess probally 640x480 - good enough to learn on and play with and apprently going to be some offer so you can get the no res limited version cheap too

opps i thought you ment the cinema 4d offer =)


Try Blender which is free @ www.blender.org

Try Wings3d which is free @ www.wings3d.org

Try Houdini Apprentice Edition which is free (have to look around a bit) @ www.sidefx.com

Blender is good, i learned a bit of 3d concepts with it… and its no slouch either. Look for @ndy’s post on the Finished Projects forum.

Houdini Apprentice Edition is basically the full edition of Houdini but with an absolutely TINY watermark. Its very cool, I suggest you try it. Get Houdini training videos at www.3dbuzz.com. 3dBuzz also has a full Houdini 101 training ‘course’ for free. Check it out.


My advice would be to stay far away from Houdini right now… if you’re only now learning Lightwave, I’d suggest you stay with it, if it is indeed the application you choose.

Houdini is just WAY too advanced to be learned from web-tutorials and the like… education in a credited Houdini training facility is the only way to go with this application. Trust me… there are WAY too many things to learn about it, that are counter to what LW does, and in the end you’ll only be screaming murder (unless of course you need to learn Houdini for you pipeline). Ive been at it now for almost a month, in preparation for credited education in an animation course, and I am 1/10000000000 away from tapping the potential power of the software.

To get back on topic though… the best way to obtain the money to buy Lightwave is to work for it… flip burgers, pump gas, whatever it takes…


Originally posted by PATRIOT333
Can anyone tell me what to do or how to collect money???

Hehe I think that is a question that just about everyone in this world (even many of those who are employed) are wondering about :slight_smile:

My advice would be to learn 3D on a free app, then look for freelance work and save up like that.


Thanks for all of your replays.You are wery good.I am glad that here is someone who can help me.Thanks
1.I am not frome eangland
2.I realy like LW it is wery cool program and the manuel looks good I wonder how the books look like?
3.I realy never seen better program than LW.So is there any free 3d program that have the manuel frome where i can learn and try to make money frome it?Till i get enought to buy LW?




If you’re in the U.S. you can find Computer Arts magazine at some large chain bookstores like Borders or Barnes and Noble. It’s usually about 15 dollars an issue, though.


Open FX looks like a program that has some power under the hood. It lacks good documentation though.



Here are some options that are legal:

  1. You can use Wings3D (www.wings3d.com) to model. Or the new Silo modeler for $139 USD (You can download the info or demo at http://www.nevercenter.com/index.php/Downloads/170… And if the new Modo modeler is also cheap, you can switch to it later. It looks more superior than LW modeler, but we won’t know for sure until it comes out.

  2. To animate, you can download a fully-functional freelance version of MotionBuilder 4.0x and its manuals at www.kaydara.com. The free video tutorials for MotionBuilder is at www.3dbuzz.com. You have to create an account before you can download.

  3. Continue to use LW Discovery Edition and therefore continue to learn LW until you can get a copy of a full version.

  4. Try Maya Foundation. It’s also free at www.alias.com.

  5. I still think that these companies still charge too much for an educational version.


so what do you think which free 3d program should i start??


Stay with Lightwave DE… if that is what you ultimately wish to learn and use, then my suggestion is that you do not look at other packages just yet. Doing so will only complicate your learning process as you’ll have to juggle different approaches to meet your objectives based on the application used.

However, if you really must use another limitless app, I’d suggest Blender, which is well supported with many online resources, or Wings3D, which I’ve heard many great things about (especially the fact that it has edge tools).



Originally posted by PATRIOT333
so what do you think which free 3d program should i start??

Where are you from ?

If you want I can send you the next issue of computer arts with the free Cinema4D 6 version if you can’t get it wherever you are. Just need your country of origin so I can tell you much the shipping is. The magazine costs £5 or £6 ( ~ $7 - $10 ).

As I said before, this is one of the best free 3D offers to date and I would suggest to start learning 3D with this app. Check out www.maxon.net for more info on C4D, and http://www.computerarts.co.uk/news/default.asp?pagetypeid=2&articleid=18181&subsectionid=841 for more details on this free version.

On a side note, I’m not trying to push Cinema4D or something, Lightwave and Cinema4D are both very good 3D packages and I wouldn’t say one is better than the other. It’s just a really good offer for someone wanting to learn 3D.

You can always buy LW in the future when you’ve got the money.


I agree with the others
conitinue to learn with the DE and save up for the full version

Good luck:buttrock: