I just saw Kill BIll!!!!


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[B]did anyone notice some really bad continuity jumps? like in the first knife fight scene, where Uma is suddenly under a table, or things just jump around?

Seeing as these were kinda obvious would there be any reason for Taratino to have done them on purpose?

frikin great movie though!!! [/B]

I think he was going for this. there are continuity errors all over. too many for it to be an accident. Hell think of the music when Uma sees her victum. that horrible noise that comes on. He is going for complete cheese factor here and wallowing in it.

I did like it though. It reminded me of those old saturday afternoon kung-fu movies on TV. Cheesy 70s chop-socky mixed with anime, and other modern films like the killer and kurosawas movies.

Yeah it was all over the place and as much as i loved the little anime it could of been left out and both movies combined. How much you want to bet we’ll be treated to an hour of such flash backs in the next one as she goes after each person on the list. There are what 4 people left that’s alot of flash backs.

I’ll probably get it on DVD when it comes out. despite the jumping around there is alot of fun eyecandy to watch.



Re: Fist.

I’m not sure…I think I hate his film’s theme. The violence sickens me!

Yet I can only applaud his works - they are master-pieces, except they are bathed in violence & blood…

…I suppose I’m disgusted, yet fasincinated by his works…sums up the human struggle within…it can only be art. :hmm:

All I know is that Kill-Bill was bloody awesome…


Boone: bloody awesome…

that about sums it up :beer:

look how numb we all are… but then again, we’re not. my point is: i wouldn’t even dare to visit rotten.com or similar because i know i’d feel sick within 3 clicks, actually i do feel my stomach just thinking about my only visit years ago. same with some ‘realistic’ war movies or some of our modern news coverage.

yet… i just enjoyed this movie all the way, i didn’t have to think once about any moral issues involved, and i sure as hell didn’t feel my stomach rebelling. it’s two completely different things. the violence/gore/bloodspray in here is so intendedly unrealistic, it just doesn’t strike that nerve you know.


jmcalpin: i totally agree about the cheese factor. :slight_smile:

that horrible noise you’re probably refering to is the beginning of a song which is actually on the soundtrack, Quincy Jones’ Ironside Theme, a TV Show from the 60’s. (that is if you mean that sirene-type sound).

i thought that was one of the ‘funnest’ parts of the movie. Such a perfect fit. no kidding… tarantinos soundtracks are incredible. both in the context of the movies and heard on the stereo.

in ‘my club’ the pulp fiction soundtrack is commonly referred to as the ‘emergency disc’, which is inserted whenever the dancefloor looks empty. :love:


i hope they put both volumes on 2 dvd’s but packaged together with an extra dvd with special features

i hope they do it, his past films have awesome dvd cases, but i just hope it comes out on dvd within a year, his past films soemtimes took up to 5 years before making it on dvd (example: jackie brown)


nope… the dvd’s are a full on commercial attack. the films are going to be released individually and as a set.

my source: http://www.empireonline.co.uk/news/news.asp?story=5063

“I’m thinking about it big time already,” he said. “I can’t imagine a better movie when it comes to great DVD stuff. I’m gonna really play fair as far as the DVD’s concerned, you know? We’ll come up with separate DVDs for Volume 1 and Volume 2 and I’ll do special stuff for each of those. Then we’ll come up with a real big version with them both together but I won’t repeat the special stuff I put on Volume 1 and Volume 2. I’ll do something whole other from that. I might even do some other little movie thing just to go on that special double feature version.”

seems ok to me this way. it kinda naive of him to think we’ll believe the double release is not simply about money… but given his reputation and everything i know about him from interviews it still seems credible, i think he actually means it. i bought both versions of the lotr dvd’s so far because they had different material on them, i’ll do the same with kill bill if what he says is true. of course miramax’s only thought will be to get the most out of dvd sales :slight_smile:


2nd time was just as good as the first … RAD FILM!


Saw it. Loved it (though it was a bit slow-paced at the beginning). Bring on the sequel.


Did anyone else realiz that or just me…Q is the man


okay. caught it yesterday. FREAKING LOVED IT. Kinetic, mad, violent, funny, stylish, wrong. I can’t remember the last time a movie had me chortling in the seats (Revolutions did that too but for all the wrong reasons) I wasn’t too sure abou the dismemberment but then I saw the blood gush and it was HILARIOUS.


Excellent performances all round… the japanese girl with the ball and chain rocked so hard. IS she from Battle Royale?


/rolls around the floor ala Nicole in Moulin ROuge faking orgasm


Can’t wait for Volume 2


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