I have some new renders i want to share with the world


I have some new renders i want to share with the world. I’m making a trailer for my show called “The Launch Gate”. Give my your thoughts. I know I’m not as good as many on this site. But I practice everyday to get better.
Doctor Jonna


Heronn tell officials he will not cooperate by

Quick video you can look at too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD5g8XaZl54


I have looked at your stills and the video. Your scenes are too uniformly lit. You need to use light in such a way as to make the foreground character pop out from the background behind it.

Learn about 3 point lighting technique to get better much better shadows, silhouettes and contrast on your virtual actors:


This VIDEO shows nicely how to set up 3 Point lighting on a character:


Literally every one of your scenes would look far better if you had one extra white spot or omni light with strong shadow coming at the character from the left, the right, from above, from below or from somewhere behind (over the shoulder).

You can try placing a light next to a character and orbiting it around the character until you get lighting that is dramatic - the light itself will be invisible in the render, so you can place it pretty much anywhere.

Great looking characters in you scenes - just light more dramatically and cinematically.

Also use some color/contrast correction software.

You may also want to look at some videos or photos of how professional cinematographers position lights on a real film set.


Oh ok Thank you I will start doing that from now on. I never thought of that. Thank you for the tip :keenly:


There’s a lot of grain in some of these, which makes them look unfinished. I wouldn’t share anything like that with potential employers.


Yes some pics are not finished. I just wanted to share some of my work with the community to see what the pros think of it. And Thank you I will keep that in mind about potential employers.


Focus on lighting your charcters with good 3 point lighting. You’ll get far better renders that way.

Also use some color-grading software so you get better color & contrast.

Most render engines do not spit out finished images - you want to color grade those images to make them look as good as possible.

Your project seems promising from the images you’ve posted.

Good luck! =)


Just for the record, there is a whole chunk of this site dedicated to feedback


thank you I will post it there to see what they say


Hey guys got a new update for you. I almost finishing rending my first trailer Can;t wait to show you guys.


Just out of curiosity - did you model all those characters yourself, or buy them from somewhere?

It looks like you are making something rare - an all CG rendered production with realistic human characters…


This board is for GENERAL DISCUSSION topics only, not a WIP place too dump your art. Like Srek said there’s other sub-forums on this site that cater specifically for that purpose, please avail yourself of those avenues.


I promise your gonna wanna see, Heronn’s one-on-one with a 650lb Minotaur. #theLaunchGate #trailercomingsoon


A pity these forums have devolved to such a state nowadays…


are these Poser figures?


no it’s daz3d


Daz bought and developed further the old Poser software, so its basically DAZ/Poser - same thing.

This looks like an interesting project. When is this trailer of yours coming out?


Thank you very much, :wavey: :wavey: Trailer should be done by August. Rendering is tanking a while to finish up. You can sub to my YouTube page so you can know when it’s gets posted. https://www.youtube.com/CodeNameTBW

I just uploaded a new picture to my WIP page.
People where complaining. About me posting here so.


As it stands Aug,1, is when I will upload the trailer I will post both of them here then. In hopes to get some feed back from the pros. On where I can improve.*The Launch Gate:bounce:


Here we are 1/8/2017
Ok guys all feedback welcomed. Good and bad




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