I Have Released Free, Fully-Rigged Dinosaur Character for Everybody to Download


Hey Guys, I have a YouTube channel with tutorials mostly about 3ds Max CAT animation system. Today I give out free, fully-rigged dinosaur character for everybody to download. Hope you will enjoy it.

More info in the video:


Model by Oscar Iván Jimenéz: https://www.artstation.com/evil3d
Dowload here: https://www.miloscerny.com/download-dino-bird

If you are interested in animation in 3ds Max, you can check my other videos also. I try to give the materials I use, for everybody to download for free (if it is possible). So people can try to do the tutorials by themselves. I have a tutorials of rigging and skinning it coming up, hopefully soon.

I have started the channel about 6 months ago. It’s growing more than I expected, so maybe you will enjoy it too :). Thank You.