I have no idear,This Clone Issues


I’m a new guy.
I want to make a map looks like the picture,But when I work it, I find it is not easy.
I have no idear…:sob: How it made?


There are several procedural ways you can choose from … and one manual that is most recommended for this exact look.

  1. Use the Voronoi Fracture.

    The bad thing is you won’t get the random length you want.

  2. Use a Greeble plugin. The one I used is free and can fracture objects with up to 50 polygons. You can get it from here Divider

    The bad thing is you won’t get the look you want either

  3. Use the Scene Nodes Editor.

    The bad thing is you must have 3 PhDs to get the look you want.

  4. The old traditional way. Make a Spline out of your map. Put it under a Loft. Change Caps to Quadrangles. Change Grid to the density of your preference. Make Editable. The Melt tool is your friend. Melt away and then put your object under a Fracture Object and do your thing with a Random Effector and a Bevel as in Choice 2.


Thank you so much,demis. :grin:
I will use the manual way to finsh it.