I have been asked to give a talk at SIGGRAPH, I need your help.


Hi guys I have been asked to give a talk about online
network collaboration, and I want to show some of the cool work done here online.

I do want to include the past work of the FXWars Forum.
I just need the following posted on this thread. I will be mining this thread and the galleries for content.
So please post
AND Video Link + TOPIC
HOW HAS THE FXWARS helped your career?

You can post as a many pieces as you can.


Brent Droog

https://vimeo.com/63143764 Cartoon Boom I believe.

Fx Wars Challenge help me with my career by keeping me inspired. Reminding me why I got into this in the first place. It always good to take a job from concept to final, but mostly doing something fun.

Thanks for having the challenge.


It was a great talk at SIGGRAPH.

I attended the talk. Roberto is a very nice gentleman and the talk at the panel was no less than inspiring!