I hate lock/bond so much.


Title says it all. It just never behaves as it should, every little uneven surface makes it flip out, particles act crazy all the time and I never have the time to figure out whats going on…


  1. Are there any Data op wizards who may have created something similar but more stable and are willing to share it?
  2. Are there just some general rules I might have to follow to get a good lock/bond experience?


What is it exactly that you are trying to do?

I have a couple data ops that work with objects surfaces, no genius level stuff by any means but will register surface and normals.


Sorry for the late replay, I was on vacation…:wink:

Well, I am not trying to do anythng crazy or genius level stuff…but almost every time I use lock bond to move particles along an uneven surface, I get one of two issues:

  1. Particles not randomly being distributed, but rather collecting in crevasses and other odd areas.
  2. Particles randomly going speed crazy and flying around.

If you have a setup where the particles actually move along an uneven surface without those hiccups, I´d love to see it…


I have no excuse for replying so late other than I totally forgot, sorry :blush:

So I attached a scene that has a few basic element examples, along a noisy plane and on a noisy geosphere. They work pretty well, it is a good start to a more complex scene. The key is using a Speed By Surface op set to continuous + Parallel to Surface. It is still possible for particles to bunch, they don’t within the example, then you might need to craft something up by neighboring particle count and force inject some velocity to spread them apart.

EDIT WTF can’t we post .zips anymore? that’s fkn stupid. so much frusty right now :banghead:

No promises how long this dropbox link will last:


Yeah, happens here too…:wink:
Thanks for the example, I´ll check it out as soon as I get the chance, already downloaded it…


Let me know whenever you get a chance

I stop back by in another week :smiley: