I found it !, Jean-Michel Bihorel (3D)


Great stuff ! ,very nice render!!


Cute one :slight_smile: Hmm can you get em like a pet ? hehe


That is a really cool design, I like the feel you’re going for. I can definitely tell you put a lot of work into the facial details, and I admire that. You should get this model 3D printed.


The menu is a picture chance with my brother 7D. Only the personality is complete 3d There is a small bit of modification on the picture but it’s mainly strait out of the indicator. The video clip will be done with stay video and incorporated 3D. :shrug:


The way of personality include into picture is quite genuine. :thumbsup:


I love the character! Best of luck on your animated short :slight_smile:


awesome … :applause:


I love it!


Amazing! I love his eyes!


Wow, amazing! :bounce:


hah! i love this it makes me so happy.

what language will the film be in?
i want to watch this


spectacular piece !! Lumok’s skin, bodysuit, and especially the eyes look really real.


Nice work!! congrats Jean :beer:


Many thanks guys! I’m glad you like it!


I absolutely love the environmental reflection in its eyes.


He looks adorable!


Really inpiring artwork !


Nice character! waiting for the short film! :beer:


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