I found it !, Jean-Michel Bihorel (3D)


Nice work and congrats on the award. Look forward to seeing your shortfilm when it completes.


Heeyyy Michel! Congrats on your award! You really deserved that. Waiting for the short movie. Hurry up! :wink:


Awesome character design!
Great textures, shading!

Love it!


Wow. I’m captivated, and this begs the question, “what did he find?” I’m excited to see the short.



I don’t really like the character design, but the rendering is really nice !

You also did a nice shot with your camera .

Congrats for your choice gallery award .


Really,I can sympathize.I would fell the same way,nice work!


congrats man! and whats your computer config??


Many thanks guys!
The configuration on which I worked on at home was pretty bad. 3gigs of ram a 3 years old quad-core and a bad graphic card but it was fairly enough to handle what I had to do as I was working piece by piece. I did render the picture at work though on a dual-xeon with 8 go of ram. Nothing fancy! This is not a scene requiring to much machine power :slight_smile:


It’s a nice image, but it could be better integrated.

To me it doesn’t look like he fits in that shot yet. He looks flatly lit compared to the tomatoes. His top light should be stronger and perhaps a bit more red bounce hitting him from below would help too.


Thanks for the information man! Its very helpful =D


Great character in both technical and ‘emotional’ aspects. Great integration with the plate, you made me wanna watch the short film :).


the alien is looking nice…keep it up.


nicely done and great love for the detail. the character perfectly matches the plate.


Nice work :applause:


Awwww! Lovely in its own right. :wink:



Looks awsome, I like the eyes to


nice work. the textures are amazing!



it looks really nice. how much years of experience did it take for you to do something like this


Thanks guys.
I’m working for a bit more than 3 years now in the CG industry. Add to this 2 years of school . This is for the 3d part but I’ve always been more or less into drawing characters since I’m child. So I couldn’t exactly say how many years it took to me to realize such a picture.


I can’t wait to see the final film!

I love the feeling of this, his expression is perfect. His little jumpsuit is great too.

Hahah this is such a good character design. Really makes me happy to see it.