I feel stupid but


I’ve been using Silo 2.2 for several years and just upgraded to 2021, but I’m having major issues now and can’t get things to work.

  1. I can’t select anything. If I click on a face, line or vertex, it shows up in the Object Properties tab, but the second I unclick, my selection deselects.
  2. Is there a way to show the object manipulator boxes and selection boxes that used to be at the bottom of the screen? Those are missing from my display viewport.
  3. Display Manipulator is checked, but the manipulator is not visible in my viewport.

As an FYI, I’ve updated my Nvidia driver to the latest version, double checked all my device settings and everything is set to application controlled.

Can anyone help???


It seems like Silo might not be reading the preferences for some reason, which is why the buttons are missing and selection is acting up.

Is your user/documents folder location under onedrive by any chance? I have seen reports of similar issues which suggest there may be something going on if that is the case.


No. It’s under the standard Users/Document files. But I know I sometimes get permissions errors with other programs. Maybe it has something to do with that?


Ok. I fixed it.
So it turns out, what I had to do was in Silo, go to Editors/Options - Load All Settings and then direct it to Documents/Nevercenter Silo/Preferences and select “default silodata.sip”. Now everything works as it should.