I can't edit a new layer in my picture!?!?



I scanned a pic at home and I saved it as a pdf ( I think it is acrobat) file.
I want to collor it but I can’t edit a new layer.
It isn’t possible to press the new layer button in the layer panel.
This is so weard…
What do I have to do with my image to make layers possible or in what format do i have to save it?
I also saved it as tiff but that didn’t work eighter.

Is it that the originall is a pdf file and that that is why it has a lock on it or some?

I hope it makes sence…


Mmm, weird one that. The only time I know you can’t create a new layer is if you are in 16 bit mode (which a scan may well be).

To double check go to Image --> Mode and make sure that 8 bit is checked.

If that doesn’t do it than let me know and I will ponder on it some more.



Yes it is has a V on 8 bit collor/channel and it has a V on indexed collor.
Thanks for the fast reply
further 16bit collor/channel is not a option


Doh!!! Sorry, there was a far more obvious explanation, it is because the image is in indexed colour.

Go to Image --> Mode and select RGB.



Man how on earth could I have found out this problem without your help. I’m a really unexperienced photoshop user so thanks a lot now I can start colloring my challenge image.

Thanks a lot and aslo especially with the fast replies.
:thumbsup: :beer: :wavey:


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