I can't decide what course to take


Im finishing a graphic design degree (which I don’t particulary like ) But in my free time I try to learn (in a self-taugh way) 3D model.

I wanna choose a 3d course and focus on that to become a good artist and work on film/games industries.

Nevertheless, Im not sure if i will be good on model/sculpt/anatomy concepts ( I have always liked to draw, but I haven’t a proper artistic education ) I love the cartoon style (Pixar, Laika studios, paranorman, etc) but Im afraid when I see realistic zbrush models, Im afraid of not be able to do that or get bored, idk.

I enjoy modeling cartoon characters but when I saw animation/stop-motion/rigging demo reels I love that.
I really love the way my characters could come to life.

And I also like render, that cartoon films amazing warm illumination

I should specialize in one of those fields but i don’t know which one.

PD: excuse my english, I’m from europe (not native speaker)

An example of personal work: