I cannot bake a normal to save my life. (Files Included)


Hey guys, maybe you can help me out.

I’ve been messing with ZBrush a bit lately trying to get a damn normal working. I don’t know if I’m just dumb but I have never been able to bake a decent looking normal map. I don’t know if it is the UVs on the low poly or that I may not have it set up correctly. If anyone could take a look at what I have and tell me what I can do to improve I would appreciate it.

I’m attaching a link that has the two OBJ files (high and low poly models [Warning: The high poly is like 2-3m polys I believe. I just exported it straight from ZBrush], the maps I created with xNormal and then CrazyBump).

I will say right off that I didn’t bother to paint anything so the diffuse is pretty generic. My goal was to try and get the normal looking correctly before I went through the trouble of painting it.

After I get everything into UDK it doesn’t look too terrible until you get near it, then it is just nauseating to view.

I assume my biggest problem is in my low poly mesh. I’m not sure how much of it should be manipulated to follow the high poly flow. Maybe there is a better way for me to do the UVs? I have been over it a few times (on multiple projects over a few months) but I thought I’d go ahead and get feedback from a group who can point out what needs to be done.



[PS. I’ll post photos if you guys want. Everything is in the .rar file, though]

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3wc3t88rhs2meha/normal.rar


Well I was completely ignorant to how most of normals work. I’ll end up just starting over since I didn’t really put too much work into what I uploaded, it was mostly just a way to test things out quickly.

In case anyone else stumbles upon this looking for information on normals I found a great thread at PolyCount ( http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=107196 ) that does a good job describing everything. If you go through every page you’ll also get a lot of useful auxiliary information as well.



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