I can not import my model to mudbox2010


When I want to open My model in mudbox 2010 ( either .obj or .fxb ) It takes too much time calculating tc bounds and when the importing is done I get a very highpoly model in my viewport.
The original model is a low poly character ( 5000 triangle )and I have no idea why it does so!
Does Anyone know why is that? I upgraded my windows from xp to 7. could it be the reason?
Please if you know the answer, help me.


I think tc bounds relates to UVs (Texture Coordinates). Make sure your UVs don’t overlap the edges of UV space. That’s something that causes Mudbox serious problems.


Hey, Thank you so much for your answer. Yes that was the problem, overlapped UVs.
I didn’t take the uvmapping into account when I wanted to import my model. lol
thanks again :slight_smile:


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