I can hold my breath for a long time. Can You?


I have some free time or I should I say making some free time. Anyway here’s the start. the challange on this ones going to be the lighting. I want it over head and somewhat intense. Problem I don’t really have good reference for that part.


What kind of environment are you after?


minimal environment. It’s going to be a dark room. I was thinking of putting a hint of wall paper in the background ( maybe seahorse looking patterns)?


Sounds like a nice concept, but where is the water coming from? Is the room flooded or is it a pool or something?


The waters rising. I’ve started knocking out the basic color and shapes


Do you have a concrete idea of the color palette and lighting you want for the final result, or you’re going to fumble through the process until you arrive at it? You might want to do some small color thumbnails to work out all that stuff before you go any further.


I did have pretty good idea in my head of what I wanted.
My inspiration was an illustration I had just seen where the palette was all in blue ( I would post it if I could remember where I saw It).
Problem is I don’t think that way and It’s changing into something else. Fumble? Some would call it intuitive painting. Ether way your right. It is causing a waist of time and time is precious. I guess thats also why no thumbnails. but
. No thumbnails also equates to less respect for the piece. Maybe thats why I’m not further along with this one? I think I need rethink this with the help of some sketches.


I love the pose and the expression of the character! The only thing that bothers me a little bit is the dress. It almost looks like it is too smal for her. It is probably just me, but I wanted to ask…


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