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Hey all, This is my first post in this forum, I am benkulino (nickname), came from Indonesia. So after I looked around, i wanted to post my last WIP. This picture is currently in BW process and finished around 60%. The focal point is the giant turtle that have a cockpit room in his shell. For the background i want to make this scene look like in a race with a sandy environment near the giant. Below I included my process and reference image that i found in google

The thing that I’m not sure is how to make the picture look sci fi but still fantastically. I tried adding a cockpit in turtle shell and a pilot with unique suit, but i still not sure this scene look sci fi and fantasy
The concept about this image is i want to tell the audience about a “vehicle” that ready for a race and still wait for the pilot. I’d like to make this image more emotion, and cinematic, but the whole image is still uninterested. I supposed my image can tell more story, with warm color and contrast. I will update the color process soon


hey all, as a promise, at this time i want to post my progress.
At this progress i will show u the color image and some detail in turtle body. I still confuse how to detail the turtle back, can u give me any idea?
And for the whole scene, is this look warm and appealing? thx.


If you want the cockpit to look more obviously like a cockpit, you should emphasize it by give it stronger design, contrast (values and color), so our eyes will be drawn to it. For example, the interior of the cockpit could have lots of LED lights for the control panels, as well as illumination from the various monitoring screens.

I think if you expanded the scene to show more of the environment on the right (some kind of stadium?), this would look more interesting. If this is meant to be a racing track for giant turtles, then isn’t the turtle way too big for the size of the track? Also, if the turtle’s smaller, you can show a couple of other turtles in the background, also waiting for their pilots.

Are these turtles biomechanical, so even though it has its own mind and will, the pilot can override their thoughts and control them? If so, perhaps you can do more with the mechanical aspect of the design, so it’s not just the shell that looks mechanical. Maybe some kind of mechanical plate on its head that controls its brain?


Sorry for late post, I must adjust my time between moving house and helping my mother’s research.
hei Lunatique, thx for your usefully comment. . I don’t want to just hear what another people say and do it what they say, so I will try combining what you say with my concept. Before i heard your last response I tray detailing my turtle. My friends said the line in turtle back is to rough and not suitable for whole image, maybe i will reduce it for final image. Below, i included the color image that i made before.

So, in this time again, i also tried to hear your response and combined it. I tried to enlarge my canvas size, reduced the turtle and gave another participant in this race. The focal point absolutely still the giant turtle, so I want to make the another participant more smaller and thinner. Is enough now?
Yeah, the turtle would be biomechanical, so the pilot could drive it. I tried to included a mechanical plate in his head, or maybe i will add another in his leg. Because of i really happy with the main turtle, I will add the mechanical plate just for the other turtle. For the background i will add some small people, so the image looks more interested At this edited image i hope my picture more cinematic and interested.


Hey all, that is my final image. I try to enlarge the canvas, add another turtle, change color balance, and add sci fi screen in front of stadium. Hope u like it, and thanks if you give me some critique or input.


Be careful with the readability of your silhouette contours. The background turtle is taking away from the clarity of the silhouette shape of the foreground turtle. Either us more atmospheric perspective to separate the background turtle more, or move it. The fact it’s bunched up so close to the foreground turtle is a problem compositionally too. The figures of the riders are also all bunched up so close to that big mass. Try putting some of the figures away from that big mass in the center, such as more to the right. The main turtle being smack in the middle of the composition is a really bad idea (never good for composition unless it’s a very simple iconic composition like a classic portrait). Move it a bit to the left, since the background on the left isn’t contributing that much to the narrative or the composition anyway.

The main rider has a great opportunity here to be read more clearly by being contrasted with the blue glow of the turtles belly light. You can move him so he overlaps the belly light a bit, to make his silhouette really pop clearly.


thx Lunatique,
Sometimes, many newbie illustrator like me for example, just showed the image looked good. They cared about colors, contrast, how to detail the image, anatomy and etc, so when they finished their image, somehow, they too tired for noticing about silhouette. So, I really appreciated you gave me an advice about it. Next time when i paint again, before I go to color my image, i will check the composition and make sure the silhouette describe what thing/s that i make.
I will repair this image next time, after i finish my new client’s order.


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