I am looking for 3D models to animate and use in my videos.


Hello everyone,

I am an animator and I have started an educational YouTube channel several months ago.
I am looking for people who would be willing to “donate” me 3D character models that I could use in my videos or even give to people to download it (optional) and try to do those tutorials by themselves.
I am looking for any kind of creatures. The more interesting the better.

Maybe there are some modelers here that would like to see their creations animated and in motion. And that’s the people I am looking for. I would do the whole rig/skin etc … I just need 3D models, from your zbrush practices or something similar :). They don’t even have to be textures, although it is of course better if they would.

I am not expecting super high quality and high poly models. Even though that would be neat :). As I said, it could be your practice models, or something that is laying on your HDD unused. Anything.
I would be very grateful :slight_smile:

Here is the YouTube channel and website if you would like to check that out first.