I Am In Love!!!


with this awesome application called Digital Fusion 4!

I downloaded the demo about a week ago, and all I can say is that I want this compositing package.

I’ve used combustion and after effects and aura in the past…but man oh man…Digital Fusion fits my workflow like a 10 thousand dollar pair of leather Prada gloves.

If you haven’t seen or heard of Digital Fusion, you need to go and download the demo they have online from here:


If you’ve ever wanted to get into compositing and want to know what a great compositing package is supposed to feel like…you will love this app.

Dammit…when I get the right project to pay for Digital Fusion 4.0, I may have to drop Photoshop as my still image compositor of choice.

LightWave and Digital Fusion are a match made in Heaven!

Sorry folks…I was just too excited about this application that I had to tell all you LightWavers what you might be missing!



That love affair started a few years ago.

Been very steady since then.


That is so friggin’ cool! So you know exactly what I mean by my post.

I think I love DF as much as LW…it’s okay to be a software polygamist right?



Oh man… you want me to fall in love with another tool? I feel so cheap. :wink:


Digital Fusion rocks!
It is a great compositing- app, really, I can only recommend it!
Oh and some members of our team develop for it too…


Oh crap!

I’m finished now!

check out these 2 amazing plug-ins(DOT-s and Gaia) from this crew:


Gaia even imports LightWave scenes! HOLY CRAP!

i feel a season and new year of pure software love coming on! is it Spring already?


I had the opportunity to see Isaac Guenard from Eyeon demo Fusion and I was just blown away…as soon as some free time opens up I plan to dive into DF…


oh ho ho baby…node based workflows rock!!!

the DF UI is so clean and inviting…man…i’m not gonna get any sleep tonight. :slight_smile:


Policarpo, man I have work to do… Now I cant get anything done, cause I feel one of those winter romances kicking off


Well I’m sure Newtek appreciates you coming by the Aura forum just to praise Digi Fusion and trash Aura.
I dont know…


every man is intitled to his own oppinion right ?.. or did I miss anything wgreenlee ?


No …you didnt miss anything…I guess…


Well…i own Aura and never trashed it…i just spoke the truth about how i felt on the forum. Aura is a very awesome and capable product…but it just doesn’t fit the way i think or work ya know.

And just requesting that they abide by some modern compositing workflows isn’t harmful…it just shows that I care for the product and want it improved.

DF makes sense to me. So I just had to tell everyone how I felt cause I know a few Wavers here who are also into compositing. Just give it a try wgreenlee1 before you try and make me out to be something i am not.

Heck man…I love LightWave enough for 10 people…so I think NewTek will be okay. :applause:



Aura needs work. No question. I love it, at the moment. :shrug:

I want DF, too. Maybe the price will come even more inline with the new combustion pricing… Then… we can all be polygamists!

Robert Wilson
UnCommon Grafx


What makes it so much better than ae for motion graphics and ps for still images

In that image above you can do that with ps while using layers as a sort of node, cant you

And ae comes with loads of effects, how many does df come with and is it enough or do you need those very expensive plugins


Most of the photoshop plugins work with df or was it after effects i dont remember but i went to a lightwave traning course that lee stranahan ( i hope i spelled his last name right ) did with a freind in San Fransisco last month and he showd us what you could do with df and i downloaded the demo the next day and it blew me away. I would defenantly get it


I must say that I have a soft-spot for Open Source Software.

This program Jahshaka looks incredibly awesome!

The best part it that it is FREE!!


The reasons DF (or even Combustion at that fact) is better than AE is that it is a real composite suite, meaning it comes with descent keyers, tracker, noise control, and color correctors, 3d (navigatable) workspace, etc., something AE doesn’t do, heck AE doesn’t even do 16bit per channel in a proper fashion (and, yes, i know about the little eenyteeny 8bit/16bit button, but what use has it in AE anyway)

For motion graphics AE is great (good image quality vs speed ratio), but then again, some people just like another workflow than the one Adobe forces on you (i hate the constrained workspace for example, but i still use it for a lot of things, especially for broadcast jobs)


hey kaiser…it’s kind of like Red_Oddity stated…I agree with everything he said.

i’ve used AE, combustion, and aura in the past…and after having used the demo of DF for a few days now…it really works better with the way i work. i want this baby!

In the end, as artists, we have choices when it comes to software. I feel that DF will benefit me in the long run, and i just wanted evryone in the LightWave community to know about this great piece of software.

Remember…having options is king!

give the demo a try and see how it works for you.



I’ve been a Fusion devotee since v. 2.0. My biggest gripe with the latest version is that they continue to split the pro version from the lower cost version (DFX). Meanwhile, AE and Combustion both work in multiple bit depths and us DF users who want 16-bit color space have to spend $5,000 to get it.

Needs to change.

But, other than that, it’s the best compositing app I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Fits me like a glove, too. :slight_smile: