I am Captain America, Victor Hugo Queiroz (3D)


hahaha! Hey Ferdinando! I’m really glad that you like it! Thanks dude!

Woah! Thanks Andy for your awesome words! It’s really motivates me! Thanks! =)

I’m really sorry that you have this POV about my pic, dude, but I respect it!
Peace! :wink:


My critique has nothing to do either with your work, or with you as a person (especially not when having adapted the piece), but also not with my personal feelings. It’s concerning a concept which could raise imo angry letters to an editor as a standalone cartoon without context.

The work nonetheless technically outstanding, and from this point of view congratulations on the award!

Wishing you all the best! :slight_smile:


A very well deserved award. Congratulations!


I don’t have words to express how AWESOME is this for me!! Thank you CGTalk!


Well deserved!


awesome man!!
amazing piece!
So happy to see it on Cgchoice’s gallery



YEAHH MAN! really well deserved!! u did a masterpiece! :slight_smile:


Love the colors, the mood, the lighting, the concept, just everything! fantastic job brother :)!


Amazing work and congrats for the award my friend! Cheers! master!


Wonderful style and composition! Thanks for sharing all the info on creating the scene!


awesome work man… :thumbsup:


Amazing Work! Such great attention to detail and the poses. :applause: :bowdown:


Great work. Beautiful concept and excellent execution.
Skottie Young’s work is amazing.

Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the award!


What’s offensive? This is about kids on a playground. One kid is stepping in as a hero for another kid. Your suggestion that the white kid should be a frail old person makes no sense at all. Why would a bully kid be beating up on an old lady?

I find your fixation on the race of these kids offensive.


I beg your pardon, muckymouse, and all others who i have bothered with my opinion. Didn’t expect such personal accusations in return, like having a negative mind, or being fixated on something. What i wrote was my very first impression of the picture.

Just keeping praising each others work in the hope to get praised oneself isn’t my thing. The opinions posted at this gallery mostly don’t reflect how the audience outside of the 3d world would judge a picture. I’m simply trying to counterweight this a little bit, knowing that i won’t make only friends with that.

We all may have different views, different opinions some times, don’t you agree muckymouse…


Dude, I agree that just keep praising is not the way to go. But, I don’t think what you said had anything to do with your answer here. One thing is to critique others work, wich is very helpful and I’m sure most of the people here welcomes it. Another thing is saying someones work is racist, that’s a pretty serious thing to say and should be thought of carefully not laying it out as a first impression.

Just my 2 cents.


Milky tribute to blur!
love it, overall - concept and result, nice work! :thumbsup:


Zokana, you are being ridiculous. There’s nothing racist in this image. Many people here ONLY praise work they really like, its not blind praise seeking praise in return. No need to be so cynical.


Seeing my opinion obviously not very polpular here, here a more detailed explanation of my very first unfriendly impression of this work. Thoughts which didn’t ran through my head this much defined, but more or less my point of view:

At first about the specific genre used here: Definitely illustration style, featuring not simply sweet characters as self purpose, like saying, “look how cute”, but telling a story. So it can be regarded as an editorial cartoon, which is always wanting to entertain by making fun out of something by exaggerating reality, having always a context to real actuality. Seeing just a simple statement in the picture like “Protect the weaker, even in the face of a greater danger”(as stated by the posting author) is IMO a sort of a naive interpretation of the sketch (and of the 3d adaptation here), the more when knowing that S. Young is illustrating also for the New York Times, needing then definitely a closer look at the content before giving such easygoing statements.

A short look at Captain America comics proves the original Captain America to be a most national US hero, whose adventures are traditionally supposed to help the nation to digest their actual political conflicts. Captain America has been shown always white, very tall and muscular.

Knowing all this, one might find it easy to see the political context in the picture: the weak little black guy is symbolising Barrack Obama, the big basher represents his conservative political opponents, while the little white guy stands for the socially disadvantaged part of the nation, who Obama would like to help, trying to get a social welfare state.

Saying the original sketch has a rassistic undertone, comes from having seen publications which attack the current US president by irreal, simply just populist statements, addressing some more than a few reactionary feelings among US folks. (Sorry for getting this much political, but there is no other way to explain my position about a political and further on awarded cartoon).

So my very first impression of the picture of seeing here a simply populist message, something like “What does this little black guy care about white people’s business?”, has its justification, most especially when seeing tall B. Obama depicted as the otherwise white Captain America, and further more as a small little guy. Absolutely not understandable for me the simple white little boy without any attributes referring to actual problems of the States, having just the only reason at first glance to separate the president by his skin colour.

Wished my English was better when writing such explanations, but hope it’s understandable…


Great work. The expressions, lighting, and intensity really came out in this piece. 5 stars. Magnificent!!! Also, thanks for posting pics of the making of this. I am terrible at lighting, so that can help me learn a little.

I didnt see Barack Obama fighting the white mans battle or any tone of racism in this piece.
I do understand art in any form can be viewed and interpreted in many ways by each person who views or listens to that art, so I can understand there are different views on any format of art.