I am Captain America, Victor Hugo Queiroz (3D)


Wow! When I saw that it blew my mind, thats some fantastic work, perfect lighting and render, and so much character. Thats definetly going to get an award and published in magazines. Well done!


ooow man, goood Job!!


Amazing. I love the expression on the 3 faces. Great details.


Hello man!!! amazing lightning and composition, congratulation !
This grass is fur or Photo??? can you show us the clay render too :slight_smile:


Really amazing work! Makes me wish there were more African American super hero’s in the avengers that they are building up. I guess you could count War Machine but really Green lantern should had been African American. With that aside this is a really nicely done piece, not too much… but just enough!


that is the best thing i have seen in a while, quite impressive


WoooAHhhh… its awesome…:slight_smile:


perfect, again!
Lighting is gorgeous,


no comment amazing work :buttrock:


Otherwise i really love your work, vitorugo, but imho you’ve made an unfortunate choice of reference here.

The content isn’t that sharp intellectually - not really political, just some rassistic undertone. The piece is simply playing with skin colours, implying: What does this little black guy care about white people’s business? Perhaps i don’t fully understand the joke, but the connotation is offending.


I like the idea and composition.
Very well done.


Completely agree with everyone, this is tremendous work!!!

I just dont know why is this in 3D stills, and not 3D choice Galley… CGTalk’s criteria is being funny lately :slight_smile:


Can you elaborate further? I must have missed something, but I only see an afro american kid in a captain america suit stepping in on a bully who’s on to a whimpier nerd kid? Whats racist about one kid stepping in for another kid on a bully?

Great peice of work, I love the stylization you got going as well.


Thanks guys for your awesome feedback!! :bowdown:

Thanks dude! About the grass, it’s a mix of a plugin called autograss for vray and some different plants scattered throug the ground! And here’s the clay! Hope you like it! =)

Sorry pal, but I think that you’re going in a too negative way in a positive message. When I saw this work for the first time the first thing that came to my mind was “Protect the weaker, even in the face of a greater danger”, really, it reminds me hope and altruism, not racism… in the way that you say, if I put 3 white guys it’s was supposed to be everything ok for you? Or if the bully was a black dude, it was going to be racist too because de agressor it’s a black person? Or worst, if the nerd was the black one, the racist message it will be “black people are weak”? For me, thinking in that way is racism. Sorry if I offended you, but I really don’t think that there’s a hidden racism message in here.


Nice Job!! Love the cloth and color work!!


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Sorry I couldn’t add more smiley faces. lol.

Amazing work as usual man, have to agree with everyone, it might be your best work so far.



Man, you are crazy? there is no racism or offenses on the image


ooh, excellent work!


Okay then, so i must have completely misunderstood the picture. And i thought it’s supposed to be funny - something like an editorial cartoon, a caricature.

Perhaps the not funny but most serious positive message is not well elaborated here. What about an old, socially disadvantaged person instead of the white frightened kid, having then more attributes than just the body size and the skin colours.

I certainly respect you as a highly skilled artist, but this one is staying a controversial piece in my eyes, which is definitely not my negative mind…


I am in awe. The quality is so great that you are completely taken into the moment and feeling of the shot. It takes a while to begin to notice the poses are amazing and the lighting is perfect, not to mention the models are filled with life and character.

It’s not too often that I forget what I’m looking at when browsing 3d images. Congrats on such a wonderful piece!