I am Captain America, Victor Hugo Queiroz (3D)


A truely inspiring piece! Your grass is amazing.


It looks like I got to this one late, but yeah, wonderful piece. The canted angle of the shot does wonders when juxtaposed with the curvature of the horizon in the background; very smart.


Late, but I had to throw my opinion into the hat for this piece.

I’m a huge fan of the unlikely-hero archetype and this definitely portrays that very well. I love the concept, and adore the art style.

This type of stuff always brings back those memories and feelings I used to get watching Saturday morning cartoons, before life made me jaded and bitter as it seems to do to so many of us as we age.

My favorite part of this piece is how the composition uses negative space to really drive it home how much smaller the hero is versus the monstrous bully.

As far as the technical aspects, the textures are incredible and lend themselves very well to the art style. The facial expressions tell a story, and the lighting is spot on. It has that old west, showdown at sundown feel to it or the old classic “meet me in the parking lot after school” routine. Everything from the art style to the composition gets a solid 5 stars from me, great piece.

I’d love to give you constructive criticism, because I’m often that guy in the room that does so for the attention, but honestly I can’t see anything that I can pick out in this image.

As far as any racial undertones or racism that this image supposedly screamed to one unfortunate viewer, I only noticed the child was “African American” as opposed to “a hero” after reading that comment. The last time I checked the color of your skin doesn’t ever dictate whether or not you have what it takes to stand up against the odds in favor of the greater good. When a person sees those racial undertones, I feel it speaks more about the viewer than the artist.

I’m glad that the majority of viewers saw this as intended. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


Wooow. Love your style and concept. And just perfectly realized :thumbsup:


It’s the best I’ve ever saw.


great! :thumbsup:


Imagem perfeita!
A composição, os modelos e o conceito em si estão impecáveis
parabéns cara!


Your Character Designs are very unique I really like the style a lot. The bully’s expression is really awesome as well as the kid pretending to be Captain America. Very strong emotions. I would love to see this animated. Great Job :applause: :slight_smile:


Wow - superb still. Have you got these guys rigged up or did you model them in a fixed pose?


Very nice works. How about making them to animation, I think that will be amazing.


This is absolutely incredible love finding inspiring work!


I second/third/fourth/ad nauseum the motion. This is topnotch stuff.


brave kid.
protect his friends


Nice work on the characters, excellent color choice and the background is fantastic.


Cara ficou demais! Parabéns!


Lots of character. love it!


Great storytelling with this scene. The lighting and facial expressions are very fitting. Lots of space above the figures that may not be needed although the sky is well done. Overall good composition.


Really amazing work!! n thanks for sharing all detail breakdowns…congrats Victor :beer:



I love it I love it I love it I love it!

Very nice process and inspiring how you tackled the different stages of crafting the image!


Its clear that you are just a racist person,not everything is about color.