I am Captain America, Victor Hugo Queiroz (3D)


Title: I am Captain America
Name: Victor Hugo Queiroz
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush


So, finally my last work is finished! This is another work inspired on Skottie Young’s awesome artwork! This one it’s my fav Skottie’s artwork and it was a lot of fun spending some time on it! =)

I would like to thank to all my friends for the feedback and tips, in special to my new friends at TechnoImage and my beloved wife for her pacience and cheering! =)

Soon I’ll share some more details and stuff! =)

(And don’t forget to check out my blog for the HR version!)



Very funny scene. Nice composition and colors. I really like the characters style and the texturing.


Amazing work, colors, comp and characters !
Award in coming :wink:


Thanks for your comments guys! Here’s the Skottie’s original artwork and the ZBrush models!


beautiful work :slight_smile:



I love that you haven’t made an exact duplication of the original, but taken it further & fleshed out the characters. The extra depth from the expressions is really nice.


A truly excellent image!


amazing image


Wow…that´s fu***** awsome!
It´s amazing how fast you create your images. I think this deserves another Choice Gallery.
Superb work. Congrats!


Caralho! I loved, congratulations.


The environment illumination is really impressive. It would be very nice if we could see the rendering result before pos-processing.
Great job, man!


Thanks dude! I’m glad that the my interpretation was well accepted! (btw, your style is awesome) =)

Thanks man! Love your works!

Haha! Thanks dude! =)

Just to share, here’s some (bizarre) explanation about my light setup! It’s pretty simple, but I really liked the way it worked! =)

And here’s the pic that I’ve used for the background, before and after color correction! =D


great image, like the colors and lighting. chars looks really good, same for the concept.


Completely amazing work!
This comp and colors are really really inspiring!

lindo, lindo! (o trampo :P)


Thanks man! Here’s the render and a viewport view too!


I really like this. Fantastic work! :thumbsup:


AWESOME image!!! In my opinion, one of the best in your portfolio!

Thanks for sharing your process!


Fantastic work.
Posted it on my blog.


Hah! Hey Delcio! Thanks for coment dude! =)

Thanks for sharing Richard! =D

Oh, and here’s some stuff about textures! (I think that no one noticed Milky cameo! hahaha!)

And here’s my grass shader! =)


Yeah man, this is a Masterpiece!! :slight_smile:
and in my opinios it’s your best work!! :slight_smile: