I aint got no materilz :S


whats up =]
I think i have a problem in my 3dsmx cause when i press “m” and go to the materials window and I click on “get material” then “mtl libary” I dont see any materials there… the list is emty :\
how should i fix that ?

thanks …
max0r .


can some1 hlp me plz ?


You don’t have pirated software where they have ripped the materials away to save space have you?


Just kidding… Do you have some kind of demo copy maybe?


If it’s a demo there still there so I’m going for pirate version :slight_smile: , no but seriously, have a look in your material folder, and if you have a full version, just contact discreet if they aren’t there…


iv got a full version.


Strange problem.


where is that folder ?


Ok…maybe you did a Clear material library and save it as 3dsmax.mat ? this is too obvious, but i was thinking of mention that.
What do you need the standard materials for anyway mate?
Here :

http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=104578 Mental ray materials ( AWESOME )


edited… I just read your problem cproperly.

Best thing to do is call Discreet. They will help you out.



You can try checking if you have the 3dsmax.mat file in the matlibs folder inside your 3D Studio home directory. That is the default material librery that ships with max.
Hope that helps.


I checked’ dont have such file …

10x mate! Ill download it


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