Hyundai Veloster


Blueprint Setup:

Getting started:





Back Fender:


Back Fender + Doors + Hind lights:

Back Fender + Doors + Hind lights:


coming along really nice keep it up!!


Thank you SA22!
I’m trying to model this car very very quickly.
Only in this particular modelling exercise, accuracy is meant to be bonus, speed is what I’m trying to achieve here.
I hope I can be much faster than this.

Here are some updates:

Starting on the Back Door:


Blocked a few other parts in:

Side View:

Back Door Update:



Roof and Glass:

Roof and Glass:



Doors and Glass Panels:

Front Face Grill:



Started on Headlights:

Detailed some parts in the front + Added volume to most parts:

Top-Back view:



Close Up:


Worked more on the front today:

Type, Rims and Disc Brakes:

Worked more on the front today:

Current Progress:

Time to work more on the back lights!


Back Lights:

Back Lights:

Next up: Exhaust + Hind Lower Brake Lights + Back Door Handle + Back Wheel


coming along great! how many hours have you put in so far?

perhaps a silly question, but are you working in nurbs? when i model cars i use edit polygon and meshsmooth… but perhaps i should learn nurbs


Thank you slope!
So far, I have put in approximately 15 hours.

This is a polygonal model :slight_smile: Same method as you!
But somehow, people always mistake these screenshots as NURBS modeling. You’re not the first! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again!


Slight updates with Exhaust + Hind Lower Brake Lights + Back Door Handle:


This looks great minifong. As a student, I really appreciate the “progress wire frame” shots.


Thank you jamiem23aks. This is what the forum’s here for, to share, critic and learn! :slight_smile:
Do point out if you see something very strange in the model! cheers!

Added Glass Covers + Door Handles + Back Wheels + Car plate:

Current Progress Overview:

Side Door Handle:

Back Door Handle:

Up next: Front car plate + Back wiper + Top fin + Side Mirrors


I am 90% done with the exterior of the Hyundai Veloster.
Only left with the special third door, the back wiper and a few little tweaks!

Up next: 100% Exterior + Start on the Interior


I just cannot resist a test render! :stuck_out_tongue:

Working on the doors now!