Hypervoxels Smoke


I’m trying to get better light interaction with the smoke. Kind of a underlight look. I already have one spotlight underneath and one to the side. but they seem to adjust only the overall brightness of the hypervoxels. I would like to get some more defintion in the smoke. Any suggestions?


Maybe mess with transparency, luminosity and a gradient set to insidince angle.



How about setting the illumination to rayleigh and lower density and thickness?
You might try to deactivate volumetric shadows and texture shadows (in not off already). This probably will help the light shine through the smoke (and will decrease rendertime), but might very well give you even less defined texture of the smoke. But try it out.
With volumetric HV´s I always try to reach my ambitions with those two switched off at first. If I decide I need them, I turn them on.


Hey thanks for your help guys. I tried getting the desired look without turning on vol shadows to no avial. It’s up to 15min a frame but I’'m not on a time table. I’ll post the animation when I’m done.

Here’s the final smoke


nice look man


also, think of what kind of smoke you want… because if you want BLACK smoke…like say from burning plastic and such…then no light shines through really… but if you want smoke say from wood, then it tends to be a much lighter black then what you have…

also im curious, im just starting out playing with particles and such myself…are you using sprites…or the other things?



I’m using the volume setting because I wanted thick black smoke but you can get some good results with spirtes if you want a lighter more transparent look. The reason I wanted more light interaction is that it help the smoke mesh with the scene a little better.


ah i see, good stuff, also, how long did it take you to render that, because when i render volumes it takes forever…


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