Hypervoxels, Niklas (3D)



A little experiment i was playing around with, and from today i have alot more respect for the surfacing potentials of this great tool!


Damn! You’ve even managed to give it the appearance of subsurface scattering type translucency.

Now I have to figure out how to do that.


wow looks excellent



Whats the stats!

Render time on what machine


Glad you like it.
The rendertime was 15 minutes (without the DOF) on a 700Mhz Athlon with 128 MB ram.
Its a relatively simple setup, it has only two lights, one white backlight and a blue light below/behind the camera. The rest is in the surface settings on the voxels. :slight_smile:


wow, that in just 15 minutes is awesome. great job.


Hehe, as proton would say: now you gotta write up a tutorial asap. And that’s an order! :slight_smile:


hi, Niklas, nice to see you here. i have been to your site a few times. very informative and the theme is fun;)
that Martian Desert looks kewl. (all others are great, but i like this style most).was that retouched in photoshop? what do we do in photoshop to make a 3D render look that way?



Indeed! Thats looking awesome!!

Breakout the tutorial pad!


One of the few CG-Pictures that have enough irregularities to look like a real photo!

Wow! :thumbsup:


Tutorial! Tutorial! Tutorial!
or just a quick makinf of…:rolleyes:

short: :buttrock: awesome!!!



Almost fall of my chair ! Really beautifull, tut would be a cool present.


Did I actually here someone say that we need a tutorial on THAT???

Niklas, you the man!
We definately need that tutorial I agree…



i agree…a tutorial would be AWESOME…


the best damn CGI rough ice I seen, period!

looks awesome, so when is your tutorial out?:thumbsup:


don’t forget to look at his great tuts:



He’s funny to boot.

or should I say

He’s funny Das Bout.

(ok so IM not funny)


Im glad people like the little doodle i made. And since alot of people seem to be wondering how and asking for a tut, i have decided to do better, so…

Call 555-NIKLAS and order YOUR copy of voxel_ice.zip now!
No creditcard needed!
Get YOUR’S now before they are all out of stock!


If you dont have X-dof installed, use this scene instead…


Enjoy :beer:


you Rock!


hehe jag såg dig på grafiskt forum. Du verkar vara mkt mer uppskattad här. Det är dom på gf, dom är lite snobbiga :wink:

Great work! Awesome! :smiley: