Hyper-Technology - Hegemony, Yann Souetre (3D)


Title: Hyper-Technology - Hegemony
Name: Yann Souetre
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Photoshop

Such as Trantor or Coruscant, here is the capital planet of the galaxy. But here all people on that world have the ability to communicate by spirit and have a common consciousness. This global consciousness is extended to the rest of the galaxy by those “tower antennas” rising from the city ground, allowing to communicate with people of all the other planets and leading them. This is hegemony.


looks good and very detailed, only crit from me would be the color of the ship flying in the foreground, looks like a toy to me and disturbes the overall mood of the image, maybe just take the satutation down…



Yep i understand your crit, but i am very inspired by the 80’s look of SF book illustrations (Chriss Foss, Peter Elson) with this kind of textures on ships, and moreover it is an efficient way to have a clear sepration of the ship with the background, and finally to have some color variations to have a well balanced picture.

Thanks for the comment


I think the render is wonderful! I disagree about the ship’s color (imho). I never understood why ships need to match the city they are in. That is like my car having to be glass and concrete…lol. :wink: Maybe that ship is the “sport edition” of that particular model…lol

All in good fun. Render looks great! Keep it up!


Wow!! I really love your style!! So much details!! And that awesome futuristic look! Fantastic atmosphere!! Great concept too. Love your lighting at the feet of the towers.
Another rich, imaginative and wonderfully rendered piece from you.
Keep up the excellent work!!

Je dois me forcer à arrêter de mettre des points d’exclamation partout dans mon commentaire tellement j’aime ton travail… Tu es vraiment très doué. Bravo!!


Dernhelm> wow ! merci pour ces éloges, ça fait super plaisir et ça me motive pour continuer ce bazar


I love these kind of cityscapes(Elson was a favorite). The only crit i would give is this piece has way to much detail in focus-there needs to be more middle ground atmosphere-perhaps smoke ore steam vents or general haze.Also way in the back should get a tad cooler just cause thats what we here on earth are used to seeing-but thats whos viewing-:stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks a lot LeadnutAnd.
Yes, there are always little things to improve, and i still have to improve :wink:


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