Hyper Real FACE Rigging reel



points driven by the mesh and used to drive the mesh :wink: blendshapes moves the points and then the animator can move the points to correct the blendshapes… the face control is driving only blendshapes

C&C wii be appreciated :slight_smile:


The setup is really amazing! Congrats!


Is the video offline now?

Site is also showing “Forbidden”


Those eyebrows are sweet. Nice weighting and face shape on the big grin too. Cheers!


The link is working now… thanks for the patient

critiques and comments are appreciated :slight_smile:


thanks for the comments guys… it’s good now yes now everything depends on the good weighting… the blendshapes can be added just for fun hah… :smiley: the points are pretty much enough to make face expressions… anyway i could add some extra fixes above the joints something like corrective shape and it will be awesome :slight_smile:


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