Hybrid Goth Maiden, Yasuki Watanabe (3D)


Title: Hybrid Goth Maiden
Name: Yasuki Watanabe
Country: Japan
Software: Animation Master

She is a biomechanical droid partly made from dead’s organ.
This image was modeled and rendered in AnimationMaster12.
I hope you like it.Thanks.


i can only say…love it :love:


Nice work. Is she meant to be huge? I cant quite find a reference point to see how big she is… She kinda looks EVA-sized on that pic due to the environment and the camera angle. Also, what are those squiggly lines on her face?

Nice character design, and i like the lighting and texturing.


I love this as well, keep it up dude :bounce:


if that is a razor blade, at her side, she’s pretty small:wise::slight_smile:

Really impressive render!

gr koen


Hey, this image looks cool. However i can’t tell if she’s big or small because there is nothing in the image to use as reference. Uh, i see a razor blade but i don’t know if it’s a giant razor blade or a small one.

Also, it would be cool if she had a right arm. And what are those things on her face?


Very nice work!, Kind of scary thou.



what about some wires? :slight_smile:


That is awesome!


Really… I love all!!!

Fine work man… The light is very good.

Five for u!!!


Fabolous work! :thumbsup:


You did this in AnimationMaster?? I hope you realize you just destroyed all my excuses for making lousy renders in AM. I used to blame it on the program. Sooo, basically, I just suck then. Dammit!!

Great job! Any tips on how you did this scene?


awesome work, i like the camera angle, oh and the character looks neat


this is one of the images i go all WOW on! superb super BEST!


wow, awesome!
I love it, the design, the lightning and the environment.
The lines on her face are a bit annoying tho…


I love the character design, the lack of a right arm threw me off for a sec though!

I’m guessing the marks on her face are scars? Any close ups? :slight_smile:


Gorgeous work man. I’d love to hear about your inspiration for this droid. Also, where is she and what is she looking at/going to?


Wonderful looking image!


I really love the specularity and lighting…very nice.



Very nice work…inspiring thanks for sharing…