HV test


Well, after seeing this c4d plugin example

I thought I would take a stab at this…

unfortunately, this frame took 6 hrs, no AA, using Volumes…

so I tried this with sprites…300 frames in 1 hr.
My LW version, 1st draft

man, I REALLY pray Worley gets HVs workin in fprime…


Or better yet, just get HVs rendering faster. :slight_smile:


thats what I mean!


Nice job reproducing the C4D thing.

I think that the sprites version looks very useable.

You indicated it was a first draft… still working with it? Can we expect more?

And, is it true if you touch your particles more than twice that you’re playing with them…? :smiley:


ah, i see the thread :smiley: well, it’s a good start howard. but you guys should remember the original c4d examples took on average 6.7 seconds per frame to render. if you used sprites, but also added in some bump and a bit of normal mapping, then modified the light falloff a bit you might be getting a bit closer. here’s a link to the details of the plugin http://www.peranders.com/c4d8/st/


waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :cry:


looks cool howie !

what’s the rendertime like with sprites anyway ?


Hey Howard. Your HV test looks cool!


Thanks guys,

Well LW sprites can render pretty fast, only a few seconds a frame like mdme’s examples…except my shot has about 2k pfx, while his had 70k!
…and his plugin uses normal mapping, which is why i believe his sprites look so volumetric!

hmmm, wonder what FXlinked normal mapped polys would look like?! and if they render fast? hmm fprime?


Sounds nice! You’ll also get the benifit of FPrime that you want so badly. :slight_smile:
Good luck… and don’t forget to post the results!


Ohh…I think Ivé missed the point here…stormtracer is using sprites…Well…well…I did some quick setups…But these are heavy thick volumevoxels…some different lighting and so on…most of them are rendered with lowest quality voxel setting and without
volumetric texture& shadow setting

Please feel free to let me know if someone finds one of them to be cool…
It did pop up some cool Ice voxel effect to…take a look at the attachments…you´ll
probably have to zoom in on the small pics thou…



What would help in using real objects instead of volumetric is adding some particle information to th Surface editor like Particle age, weight, speed and time. That could mimic some shading that Fprime could take advantage of it.


silly me, pharamus (thanks!) reminded me, we can still use volumes without shadows or volumetric textures, and get better depth than sprites without the 6 hour penalty!

Rendering a VIPER test overnight!



Here is a quickie!


Looks cool Howard. Is the artifacting from the video compression or the lack of AA?

Keep up the great work… :applause:


A little of both poli.

www.3dink.com/v2.mov 3 meg QT

Here is the latest version, I think its now KICKING c4ds ass, dont you?


I don’t know that I’d say it’s kicking it’s ass…but it does look cool. :thumbsup:

nice update…


Great stuff Howard M…so this last clip from you…? it wasn´t sprites…was it volumetric voxels…without volumetextures and shadows…?

Using voxels without the volumetextures& shadows…could be just fine,simular effects can
be obtained obvieusly by changing som base shading settings and put on some additional
layers on density,color,opacity,and lumunosity…to many layers thou, would increase
rendering time…

so we can reduce rendering time,by carefully settings on opacity,density,smoothness,thickness and so on…and set quality to lowest (if thats what we want)

Well Lw voxels still rocks…a little few textures to play with thou,unless we install
simbiont´s shaders…that would give us a little more textures in voxels to play with…Ivé found that the ether shader is very nice…


yep, all volumes!

you could also try this for more textures!


That is beautiful!
Could you summarize what you did?