Hunting Toy-Muharraqi-Studios©, Khalid Al-muharraqi (3D)


Excellent work :applause:

Sorry I can’t find a negative critic :smiley:


Awesome work! Gee, the bird is well-modeled and it has very good details. Just love it! I’m gonna give you 5 stars as well.


Very impressive… but the claws are overdone, they don’t convince me as able to grasp wriggling little animals. Go a bit easy on the DOF as well, spoils your second of the initial renders.


Hi all, and again all comments have been greatly respected and valuable to my final out put, Thank you for taking the time to look at the details of the work, It only helps me to produce better work in the future.

        About the [b]Leg texturing[/b] on the image that was referred to in the bottom of the first page, you are right the texture looks not to good, But you are right again about the reflections and textures are not yet setup properly, These were earlier stages of renderings, so the final feel has not got to it's final stages:)the ones with the environments are more of what I wanted to reflect.

  Also I do agree about the[b] Claws[/b]:), yes It will not work in the natural way you would expect it to, also the claws were not designed to grasp in this design, they were designed to slash there victims in high speeds, there catch would only be birds, In the Arabian traditional bird hunt they would only hunt birds nothing on the ground. But it really wasn't important to me to make the character to function in it's natural way, I tried to bend the rools as much as I could :), The front bit of the claws is made out of two mettle type daggers, It's able to open them apart or close them when it requires that.
        Yes you are right, the [b]DOF[/b] was a lot intentionally, In the final animation that I will be working on i wanted to get extreme attention onto my subject, so I increased the distance of the camera, then used Zoom, I think that DOF only helps if you know what you want of it.:)
      [i][b]  Again thanks all for your positive critiques..:):)


congratulation … you deserve a lot of star and a front page … !!

not for the technicall aspect that is really nice ,
but for the artistic one … alway nice to see the mix of tradition and technology …

4 thumbs up :buttrock:


I like the details of the textures and the legs, perhaps it’s a mechanical bird but you have give it life ( the placement of the camera in the second picture give to your hunting toy a great face expression :thumbsup: ).



Excellent work, love the texture. It’s difficult to crit this without nitpicking


Very nice job. Every aspect of the image is very clean and well done.


I L-O-V-E IT. I love that kind of techno-animals…Never seen something better…


Thanks guys:)
I feel good that this render did not go to waist as long as I got a few people interested and most of all enjoy the renders :slight_smile:
Thanks for the Support everyone :wink:


hi khalid :slight_smile: ,
this is utterly amazing texturing and modeling work.congrats on a wonderfull piece of art


thanks JD
It’s always good to get your support, you always have good things to say.
Thank you, :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


great work prother:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
.the model is awesome
.the texture is perfect
.the light too
cant say any thing but Excellent


Thanks a lot Ecleposs,
You have always been great support, It’s good to here your comments and you thoughts, Thanks Brother.:):slight_smile:


Congrats on creating such a cool futuristic bird, Like your imagination and persistence and painstaking effort and eye for details.

Keep up the good work



Hi Khaled,
How are you doing? How is everything with you, and what is happening with your talented work? what is the news on your latest art? I am one of your very big fans who has been strongly inspired by your work especially the 3D animation. I have really enjoyed following your precious pieces of art like the bird attached here, that has been beautifully detailed with amazing color and talent. Your work deserves all respect. Keep it up!

Thank you
Taleb. :applause:


Absolutely amazing model!!! :applause: :applause: :applause: Really nice work


Very nice work! I love the concept and the execution. I looked at your website, and you have a lot of other fine work there as well.


Thanks for your comment Niphilim:smiley:

and thank you DoctorStopMo for giving me your feed back on my site :slight_smile:

and Dear Taleb, I am happy to have such friends, I will try even harder to make people enjoy what they See, Thanks

I hope I could support you on your work as much as you have been supportive to me. :smiley:


Hi Khalid,

This work is absolutely excellent. I speechless about all that detailed textures made with BodyPaint. WOW! Take my compliments! :thumbsup:

keep up the great work!

cobra :slight_smile: