Hunting Toy-Muharraqi-Studios©, Khalid Al-muharraqi (3D)


Title: Hunting Toy-Muharraqi-Studios©
Name: Khalid Al-muharraqi
Country: Bahrain
Software: After Effects, BodyPaint, LightWave 3D

Hi all,
This is a 3-D model that I have created a few weeks back, I was working on a short for it but got a lot of work that stopped me from progress.
The Hunting Toy is part of the few characters that I was relating with the Arabian traditional sports, in history the Royalty or the wealthy Arabs have always had the interests in training these beautiful birds to hunt other birds just for sport, So I wanted to create a robot remote controlled machine that has a jet coming threw the length of It’s body, This robot was not so well built, It was build in an old fashion to other technologies in it’s time, So the designers that created it used older methods of building robots, Maybe they lack the technology in that part of the world, but never the less it still works, If you look at the textures you will see signs of crashes, That it’s an old model of it’s time-!! The textures were painted with the influences from the traditional Omani Daggers, all hand painted in BP.
If you want to see more renders please visit this location, Just follow the Falcon Icon :slight_smile:
Please give me your comments, It’s always nice to here what others have to say :slight_smile:



Excellent work! :thumbsup:


Amazing work!


Amazing work!
I like!


nice stuff, reminds me a bird in a french short called “le deserteur” in wich a man control a bird with a virtual reality mask…

I find the shader too shiny and too goldish but i can understand if you told that was an arabic tradition :slight_smile:


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that’s a great one dude…love it alot…nice textures by the way…


Wow, great detail, is it all rigged up (and forgive the pun) ready to fly?


Awesome renders!


Hey that’s really good!! Looks like it could very well be used in some movie as a CG prop


Stylish design is my favourite, and I’ll add some “feather” around the neck.


Salaam Khalid,

Its really nice to see some super quality work from the middle-east, all my year living in Dubai - I could never find a studio that did quality work.

But this is totally amazing, Had a look at you site and the work is impressive really.

The designs, modeling, texturing very well executed.



Thank all for your comments,and for the Stars :slight_smile:
These are a few more tests on UV texture painting on the head section. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Chrome no texture here only reflection tests

Texture painted with BP :slight_smile:

More renders here:)


Very nice.


Awsome! Excellent work, texture looks great.:thumbsup:


bravo.Wonderful job.:applause:


Whoa, big pictures. Definatly appriciate you showing the detail nice an big, once again great job. The material really helps make sense of an otherwise very complicated mesh.


Hi all and thanks, It’s embarrassing when all is saying good things :slight_smile: I am really happy to get such great feed back, I am still a beginner at what I do, There’s a long way to go, But hopefully one day, I will be fully satisfied with my quality, But never the less Thanks…
I was checking my thread and I Thought I forgot something, Ah!! Wires!! I hope that these are enough, If you need more just ask.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

These are screen tests animations for my rig, I needed to check out
what works and what needs to be fixed, 2.7MB Divex avi

in order to play, you will need

By the way, I hope that you had the chase check the link to more renders on my site.


hey, i really like the texture! looks real! but i think, the legs is a little bit odd in texture. in the Texture painted with BP on the side view, it doesn’t look natural for the texture on the body compare to the legs. maybe it’s because the reflection. And the composition with the red pillow(the base), it looks odd also. The DOF, is messy. well, that’s just what i can comment your image.
Anyway, the texture looks horribly stunning! good job!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I really like the details of the textures and the last screenshoots of the head wires, one great modelling work:thumbsup: .


Ps: sorry for my bad english .