Hunter - concept by Xiaodi Jin, Lev Hakobyan (3d)


Title: Hunter - concept by Xiaodi Jin

Name: Lev Hakobyan

One of my demo reel projects at Gnomon school, had alot if fun with this and got to do some fur for the first time on this piece!


Good to see some Gnomon student posts! Stand out from Class. Top Row


Very cool!


Haha thankss Travis! Awesome site !


Awesome model…congrats on first page!

Yeah it is a awesome site…I remember when I was first told about it in 2003, It was a great place to post my stuff…I was freshly out of college and this place…there is a lot of nice people who were very supportive and it helped a lot.


Thank you! Yes super cool very different then ussual sites. And Travis being one of my first instructors at Gnomon, very exciting to huge opportunity