HUMVee-DA by madmatt


This is my personal version of a future Multi Terrain Vehicle. Hope you like it. Thanx Syd for your inspiring work!!!


I play with retouching just for fun, I hope you like it:


cool and hard type vehicle


Thanx Gianta, have you partecipate to the contest? Could you send a link to your entry, I’m just curious :smiley:



here is the link, uhhh, this is just 1D design. i don’t have powerfull hardware to make 3d and render it. but i think, my concept is nice, you can try to make it become 3d.
by the way, dont laugh at my design…hehhe :smiley:


The last one concept it’s the most interesting idea out of the three, it deserve an in deep development…



Thanks, once again, good luck for you. :slight_smile:


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