Humanoid Arms & Legs (45 or 90)


Well, since my first Poll suffered a horrible fate after the overload, I though I would post this one.

When modelling humanoid-type characters (2 arms 2 legs) are you a 90 degree or a 45 degree type ??


It usually depends on the range of movement the character will need, eg. if they’re never gonna raise their arms above the head the angles will be significantly lower than if you’ll be doing some crazy yoga animations.

In general though, Arms about 60’ from the waist, elbows at 45-90 (you can usually get these to work well with any reasonable angle). Legs about 30’ forward, and maybe 20 outwards, knees about 30 (but similar to elbows, it doesn’t really matter).
This is for game characters that don’t need excessive movement, ie. they don’t need to sit down, or hold the splits or anything.

Generally I don’t like 90’ angle bends as they’re harder to tweak for other angles.

Just have a play until you find angles that hold the shape you want for 90% of the time.


for me, and not only for me i soppose, is easyer to setup a char in a 90 degree type default pos; i find usefull this pose, for a clean(no rotation joints) skeleton.


Yep io.
I think 90 degree is easiest and most clean too.


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