HumanIK with Graph Editor


Hi :slight_smile:

I am using HumanIK with Graph Editor to animate my character. First I create pose to pose and then I go to the Graph Editor to set the timing of the animation. In the Graph Editor I drag select multiple keys to get the timing correct. Then I go to the timeSlider and copy/paste keys to make some tweaking. And here we have the problem! When I copy key/keys all are good, but when I am going to paste key/keys Maya give me a fatal error!


Make a default skeleton from the Character Controls menu and then make a Control Rig.
Select HipsEffector set keys on frame 1, 12 and 24. Then in the Character Controls menu go to the Controls tap and left mouse click in the empty space next to the Character image to select all. Now open up the Graph Editor and select all the keys on frame 12 and with the Move Tool shift middle drag the keys to the right.

If you at this point go to the timeSlider and copy key frame 12 and paste it somewhere in the timeSlider Maya gets a fatal error pop up.

If the action shift middle drag with the Move Tool hasnÂ’t been used then Maya havenÂ’t popped up with the fatal error!

Please help!! :slight_smile: (I have sent a “Report a Bug” to autodesk)

Thanks :slight_smile:


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