HumanIK - Switching between Ik and FK?


Hello, everyone! So I have applied motion capture data to a character and created a human ik rig for the character from it. It is to my understanding that I should be able to move the joints around and the whole rig should follow like an IK system. However, it seems as though the arms are in FK mode. I can rotate the joints, but I can’t just translate them to where I want them to be.

I assumed the red circles were ik handles because that’s how it worked for the hips and feet. However, I can’t translate the red circles on the arms; the only way I can move the arm joints is by rotating them like an FK system. Is there some sort of ik/fk switch that comes with the humanIK? Any help is greatly appreciated. (Please ignore the horrible tearing, I just applied a quick smooth bind).


Hi derikthecreator,

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with HIK inside of Maya itself (normally I do all my stuff in MB and then go back to Maya) but in your picture it looks like you’ve incoming connections on your effector/controller (channel box is yellow, not red like with keyframes; maybe I’m wrong because of the animation layers; haven’t done this in really some time).

Anyhow, the process to work with mocap footage that was taught to me was:

  1. First switch in the HIK menu the source to the imported MoCap footage
  2. Bake the footage to the rig; HIK menu -> Bake -> Bake to skeleton and then Bake to Control Rig
  3. Now the source should be the Control Rig again, if not, switch it back to the control rig. Now you should be able to animate the effectors/controllers.

If you’ve done this, maybe someone else will be able to help you.
Hope I haven’t recalled anything wrong, haven’t got a Maya right there to check this back.



Hey, Leo,

Thanks for the response! Your process of how to work with the HIK with mocap is pretty spot on, but that wasn’t really the issue. Luckily I did eventually find out what the issue was. Just in case you want to know what I did, here it is:

Since I wanted to be able to just grab that wrist control and move it to place the arm where I wanted it like an IK handle, I went to the HIK tab and selected the corresponding icon. Then, at the bottom of the tab I set the IK Blend to 1 and that’s it! I could now move his arm around like a typical IK handle.

I also believe that you can right click the icon in the viewport and select HIK Mode: Full Body.

Again, thank you for the response, Leo, I appreciate it!