human vein


Hi all I am producing an animation of blood cells and a series of bubbles travelling through a vein,

what would be the most economical way to do this,
would you

A: attach the blood cell to the bubble as one mesh and then use this a your shape instance
(however would the cells and bubble intersect in the animation)

B: have 2 PF source nodes one for the bubble and 1 for the Blood Cell with a keep apart operator?

The only reason I ask this is becasue there are 6 off shoots within the main vein to little side roads, and I was wondering what would be the most memory efficient.

Pflow is quite slow at the best of times even with cache turned on,
if any one knows a better way please I woudl love to find out.




No need to create 2 PFlow, you can group your cell n bubbles meshes n then use the the instanced geometry, but turn on Grouped Objects, PFlow will then pick one or the other randomly


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