Human, Ile Ovidiu (3D)


Title: Human
Name: Ile Ovidiu
Country: Romania
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

This is my last work, and my first post on this forum. It’s suposed to be a human, in the close future (thing sugested by the strange clothes). Please comment. Thanks.


Just because you have a GI renderer doesnt mean your lighting problems are solved. You should learn to use a 3 point lighting setup to highlight the contours of the model (same as photography). The model seems good but without good lighting/ texturing/ rendering its difficult to appreciate.


the lighting is way too bright. also the eye lashes are too dark and are too evenly spaced out. i think if you fix these two things it will make a big difference. your modeling and texturing is good. it’s mostly the lighting. it washes everything out.


Thank’s Doms and Alina for reply. I’l try to fix these problems.
Can you please tell me where can i find some good GI tutorials ?, i’m such a beginner at this chapter, that i don’t know where to start from. Thanks


Wierd eyelashes and his eyes is numb, he could need some work, espicilly around the eyes.


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