Human Fly, Serge Birault (2D)


Title: Human Fly
Name: Serge Birault
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

Hommage to Lux Interior, the singer of the Cramps, died in febuary (the human fly, on the left, it’s him ^^).
“Human Fly” is an old song of this group. This picture refered to the Cramps universe (B movies/pin ups/Psychobilly and rock n’roll/etc …).
I used my beloved one as model for the pinup and webcam and photo ref for the hands.
The tatoo is originaly a sketch of Junko Mizuno.
I’ll post some steps later.
Done with Photoshop.

Hope you’ll like it.


Aweosome! The paint job is yummy, especially the girl’s face and hands.
Love it.


:bounce: Wowow! Papa. you are rock! I like your new work, it’s so excellent! good idea!

and I also had the similar idea, look my sketch :stuck_out_tongue:


Bao: Thx a lot, very appreciate ^^

Casper: I think we are in symbiotic relationship :smiley:
Hope you’ll finish your picture soon :wink:


I knew there was something familiar with this style, then I saw your portfolio and found the “(No) Sympathy for the devil” painting which I consider is another outstanding piece of art.



Wow awesome work again!

You are a machine :buttrock:


I love the trash bag study and nice colors choice in your picture.


Gamartto : You’re right, it’s her ^^ Thx for your kind comment.

TyroneMaddams : Thx a lot my friend, happy you like it.

Deevad : For trash bag, I have to thx … Hajime Sorayama. He was my model when I did airbrush, so I did a lot of plastic/vinyl/etc … and it’s easier with photoshop :smiley:


I love it very much.
Great create.


Great work yet again papa ninja, always enjoy your works they are a treat to the eyes and mind…:D…but why change your profile picture i liked the previous one very much i thought it was very commanding…


Wonderfull work, where can I get a headset like that!


I like the color, looks nice :slight_smile:


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I really dig your style, Serge. It’s always a joy when a “Serge Birault has poste a new image” mail pops up. You achieve such a cool outcome that balances between pulp and realism in a very pleasurable way. Well done, once again!


onginov, Syran and andsevo : Thx a lot ^^

PC : I didn’t change my avatar since 2006 :smiley:

andreasrocha : Thx my friend, happy you like it. You know your opinion is important for me :bowdown:


Wow, totally awesome work… beatiful color, very soft technique, plus I love the Cramps so… five stars! :bowdown:


WOW PapayaNinja excellent work, very fanny and beautifull colorpalette.


Wonderful work! Very ironical and very well done! My admiration!


Impressive piece my friend seriously love the shading and the look on this guys faceis excellent :d HAAHAHAHAAH



Great story telling and with a hint of humour. Great feel and style to the whole piece as well.


NICE !:beer: love the colors