Human Desktop Figue - Recommendations?


I am a hard surface modeler for quite a while and always wanted to get my head into human anatomy as well.

I have a huge book from Gottfried Bammes and others but I have the feeling a human desktop figure is what I need as well to get a better understanding of the volume.

I was wondering which human anatomy figure you have on your desk to study muscles, proportions etc.

I found this one on Amazon but before I just buy it… maybe there are better ones around?

It should be extremely detailed, well made and I am willing to spend some good money on it.
Would you recommend the ones that are split into one side skin and one side muscles? I assume those make sense for a better understanding.

I went through a lot of topics here but wasn’t able to find a thread about this in particular, sorry in case I missed it.

Thanks a lot!


I own this one, and utterly adore it:


Thanks for your recommendation. Looks like I’m going to get the one you suggested plus the full skin version.



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