Human Animation


Final year university project: the focus is purely on animating human machanics. The link below will take you to my site, it’s in the animation section.



ummmm…can we get a direct link to the animation please:rolleyes:


This should work:

I gotta say, looks pretty good. There were a couple areas that felt a little bit weak…specifically, the fall in the beginning. I kept thinking that Media Player was stuttering, but it looks like you might have inadvertently put some “Stepped” keyframes in there or something. He just falls a little quick.

I think the elbow side-to-side stretch could be a little more extreme. I can see where you’re coming from, I’m not sure if you used rotoscoping or not but one of the things I’ve discovered over the years is that with 3D stuff, a little exaggeration on ultra-realstic motion goes a long way. The subsequent over-the-head stretch looks great.

The punches were mechanically very good, but they were a hard sell because he didn’t spring back enough before each one (for me - just a personal thing).

For the weight-lifting, I thought that was great, you really nailed the idea of the character being under some weight. For the animation you’ve created though, I’d remove one of the weight dealies from each side. He doesn’t seem to be struggling quite enough with what’s depicted there - which looks a lot heavier.

Hope this helps, overall really strong work!


hmm its pretty weak , too floaty, no weight shift in any of the motion , was too jerky in alot of areas, the kick looks like he floats in the air too long, when he picks up the weights it looks as if it weighs nothing , theres no stagger, no hold , anticipation , also why do we need to see him stretch for so long , its not adding to the believabilty that the object is heavy, you missed alot of animation principles man , needs work ,


Many of his movements are smooth and realistic, however you are missing the concept of counterbalance.
When he stretches, his shoulders lean way back - he should be falling over. In order to make him look natural, his hips need to come forward. When he bent forward toward the end, his butt stuck way out - so I see you do understand the concept.
Ask someone to arch and lean way back and look at them from the side. Make a note of where the hips were in relation to where they end up.
Finally, in the middle of his weight lifting, he pauses, and it seems as though the weights stopped being heavy. It would be impossible for anyone to hold weights that heavy that far from their chest.
You are definitely on your way. Just be sure to study the extreme poses a body ends up in under these circumstances.


thanx for the link kgkraeer…wow i think everyone hit the nail on the head as far as good advice…the only thing i can say is when he’s weight lifting between is squat and when he stands with the bar (before he lifts the bar over his head) it should be more of a struggle, maybe a jerk and shift in legs and body weight distrabution. Other than that it was really impressive…you really do have a very strong start.:deal:


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