human anatomy (nude)


Hi everyone, Just thought i would share what im working on. Its going to be a 3d model of the muscles in the human body. I have a long way to go, but its a start.


nice work, have you thought about doing it muscle by muscle instead of all one mesh? All the other models of the human muscle system seem to be done in that fashion… Just a thought.



hi! thanks for the reply, yup, i have thought about it. Someone else suggested it too me. But by that time i had come way to far to start again. lol, i would kill me just to give up the work ive done so far. But its something i might do in the future. I would need some aweseome anatomy ref pics to put all the muscles together. Hopefully, i will be able to get some good result this way.


Looks great. Other than that big seam right down the center. I like it.


looks good,though it’s rough.


thanks guys. yea, its a bit rough, defently needs some tidying up.


Id have to say that all your tidying up could be more time to get the areas where your mesh’s msucles are connecting then to make muscles themselves.

Im not sure what package your in, but just a spline loft of a nurbs or poly surface and scaling would do the trick might fast. Plus you can leave the hierarchy and tweak the msucles piece by piece.

Plus if you keep a hold of it you might be able to use it as a msucle deformation.


make sure that your modeling follows the muscular flow.i mean sometimes spin the last muscle polygon with the one which is not extruded so that it doesnt look boxy or whatever it’s called.

Update Sooner so we can help you out better.


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Hi there. Thanks for the sugestions,. sorry about the slow updates havent had much time to work on it. Ive tried to make the muscles flow more smoothly, tell me what you think. I dont think the are as “boxy” now.

Great idea, would be awesome to use that technique for animating the muscles as well. But for the time being, im going to keep going the way i am :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input.


got the hand done some. Needs more tweaking, but its driving me nuts, so im going to move on building more muscles.


Hi everyone. Been working on the arm. still have more to do to the back of the arm yet. Actually the back side of the body isnt much done at all. So i plan to start on that now.


I would recommend Artistic Anatomy by Dr. Paul Richer. It’s an excellent anatomy reference that shows how every muscle connects to every bone in the body. It’s still in print and you should be able to find it on Amazon for under $20.

I know that the thought of starting over can be heart breaking, but sometimes it is the only way you can really learn. I’m speaking from experience here.

You’ve got a pretty big modeling task ahead of you, so I wish you the best. I’ll be keeping up on your progress.


Hi, thanks for the crits
Barada73 - Ive been seriously thinking wether i should start again. This only being my second human model ive made some blunders with the geometry. But still in saying that, it would be my best human model so far. I need some more work in my show real for these next couple of weeks because im going to do some work experience with a few studios. So i would like this piece finished and in the reel. So ive decided to continue on and just see how it turns out once finished. Im sure textureing it will go along way as well. Anyhow thanks for the ideas. I really want my work to improve. So i appriciated the crits.
I do plan on starting another model staight after this one. Which im sure will turn out much better.


I have decided i need the practice in rebuilding another model. So… thats what im doing. Thanks for the comments everyone.



Hey, cool, if you do, it would be schweet if you could also post your work here on this thread on the Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art forum:


Lots of great work posted there so far! :slight_smile:



Hey Rebeccak. thanks for the invite. But im not going to do the anatomy any more. Just going to model a realistic human. Hes not going to be bulk muscle either… So I dont think it would be suitable.
Thanks again
well, now im here i might as well post a wire of where im up too. And if anyone can see if ive gone wrong somewhere, please do me a favour and speak up now :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


my arms where bogus as. Mostly because my refpics arms are straight down, and i have moved mine up. No excuse i know :wink:


well its starting to take shape. And im keeping myself accountable to my topology :smiley:


can someone please tell me how to render with wireframe over the top


Just an update. did some work on the chest and ribs and back