Huge help needed


For the love of god i know this is gonna sound extremely silly or stupid but heck i have NO clue what soever how to freaking draw correct hair.I have been trying to do figure drawings but I never ever manage to pull stuff correct when I have to draw hair.Either that is for character designs either figure drawing.

Can anyone give me an advise on how to draw them or suggest any kind of book that says techniques on how to draw hair?

P.S.I really hope ‘‘master’’ Rebecca superior power of this forum gives me a nice hint and a good advise :P.(Without offence btw,everyone can give me advise hehe)


:wink: For hair what I generally recommend my students to do is to see it as a mass, rather than as individual strands of hair. Hair, like any other part of the body, creates a graphic shape as a whole, and you want to draw that graphic shape first before trying to draw the little details.

You can see links to some of my students’ work here.

Specifically, look at this post to see the graphic shape of hair drawn by a student.

Beyond the blocking in of the form you want to see big areas of darks and lights - squint down at your reference and see the big areas of value, again not the details. Work tonally rather than with line.

Check out this good book on portraiture in general.



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