Huge Desert Landscapes - Tips to create a realistic look?



I’m doing some research regarding the creation of huge, procedural landscapes. During my tests I noticed that it can be quite frustrating to see yourself covered with the task of filling a landscape with sand until the horizon begins. In the past I worked on some desert shots but there has never been a totally wide landscape without any human touches like buildings etc. The shots I did before have been relatively easy compared to the new task, because there has always been some kind of distracting element (here’s an example of what I did inthe past with procedurals) but now I have to fill an entire picture (12, to be precisely…) with… sand and nothing else.

Putting a nice procedural (or texture map) on a 2,5 m x 2,5 m plane is easy, but if you have to create a desert on a landscape of 10 square kilometers, where the only content is - in fact - sand, things get much, much harder and annoying.

So I’d like to ask you, how you would create really big desert landscapes that only consist of sand, even more sand, rocks, pebbles and the sky? And to make it even more difficult: creating it in a believeable way in less than 3 weeks for 12 pictures.

Thanks for any hint and kindest regards,

(I’ve attached some examples in this thread that show what kind of look I’d like to achieve)


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