Hue, Kim Hyong Jun (3D)


OMG! She’s sooooOOO Pretty! Prettiest CG character i’ve ever seen! Nice one dude :slight_smile:


Wow what beauty! Really amazing job!:thumbsup:
And all that fuss over the hair, I have seen plenty of females with dull hair like that! I guess she is so beautiful that everyone expects her hair to be too, LOL
Still Amazing job!:eek:


no complaints. 5 stars:thumbsup:


Definitely my type he he.

I would love to hear something about how you made it.


that high res pic is pretty damn impressive, my compliments.
I agree on the hair though.


oh, my GOD!

I want a girl like this!!:love:

realy GREAT image! I love it!!!



:love: She is a beauty. If you know a girl like that do let me know :wink:


beautiful work!
4 Stars!


Amazing! Amazing! :thumbsup: Fanatstic I love the skin shader, hair is good, could do with a little more work, not sure how, it just looks a little off.But a beautiful piece of work. WOW!! 5 stars dude! :slight_smile:


Kjun stun me again!!

nothing to comment but to say, Wwoooow kicking my a**. yap, is time to change my wallpaper.


5 starts from me ,good work~


Your roles are all so outstanding all the time. Very beautiful girl!


I thought she is 2-D image… Oh… Awesome.

Good job!


Exquisite as always. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:




The shoulder is very flat, needs work, the rest is amazing.


extremely nice. full of grace and atmosphere. i love it.



Thank you so much for your helpful comments.
This image is my personal work.

wireframe is in here.

Have a good day~


:love: i love u!!! u r goddess…
there is a comment, if u can correct the hair i think it’s a unbeatable cg character…she reallly pretty…i owiz be ur fans KHjun…



Please upload wire(s). People want to see wires.