Hue, Kim Hyong Jun (3D)


Very, very beautiful.


Good work. The face Iooks great. I like the modelling,texturing and rendering. Love her eyes :slight_smile:

I agree that the shoulder looks flat. Maybe you didnt want to detail that area too much, to let the viewer focus more on the face?!

The hair looks good too, but the lack of the shadows under the hair might be another reason for the flat look.

Overall a very good work :thumbsup:


No Crits, truely amazing! Wireframe and WIP would be awesome. :applause:


Awesome light -very subtle and soft, but still I’d like to see some highlights on her hair!

And please, oh please - could you be so kind and give us tips on texturing and shading, I would realy make use of them advices :thumbsup:


wow,Kim Hyong Jun’s new work. I haven’t seen your nice work for a long time.

Is this pic for some video game again? Or is that just for excersice?

5stars by the way. I like your work too much.


F…antastic!!! the ambient is amazing, the lips and eyes are very realistic.

Can you show us the wire?


Great work indeed! :thumbsup: You did amazing job on the eyes and lips! :thumbsup:


Very nice…The lips and hair are amazing.
One thing I did notice is that area making up the inner part of her bottom left eyelid seems a bit large. …but that’s a pretty small detail.


5 star +++

Please WIP!!

이렇게 잘하시는 분이 계시다니…( You are a master!)


I agree with “andy H” too . exagration thanks to U , great man . goodluck …


Wow you even did the karunckle correctly. Simply amazing and beautiful…


As always one impressive modelling an texturing work for this character, i really like this one:thumbsup:



Quality work. Absolutley beautiful.

I also partly aggree with Andy H…

5/5 from me :thumbsup:


Fantastic skin material and eyes. Great work man!


very impressive job !

can we have a wire ?


Beautyfull. Amazing job. Even the little imperfections,fantastic! Wire?


Can we see a wire.
Outstanding master piece!
5 Stars from me!


This Is Abslutely Breath Taking!


Nice, man! I love it!

five stars from me! :thumbsup:


she is GORGEOUS!:love: :bounce: :eek: