Hue, Kim Hyong Jun (3D)


Title: Hue
Name: Kim Hyong Jun
Country: Korea (South)
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, HDR Shop, Photoshop

This image is my latest work.
All object are modeled as Editable poly.
And hair,eyebrows,eyelashes are made by using hairFX plugin.
I used brazil as renderer.
>> Hi resolution image <<

>> wireframe <<


so good!this is my eallpaper~


Wow, very impressive work! Maybe the hair need some mor glossiness.Otherwise simply great!


can i have a kiss :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazing work. I would love to see some W.I.P. shots of that.


want wireframe! :smiley:


great job !


just awsome! 5stars from me :thumbsup:
can you share your skin shading process with us please ?


Outstanding stuff!!

Really pretty girl, and the eyes and mouth look pretty much photoreal!
I find the plant on the middle left distracting though - it would look better if it didnt seem to be transparent.
I like the out of focus background too. Excellent shader work.

Thanks for the super-high res image - its now my wallpaper :smiley:

Ace! :thumbsup:


Top notch! :drool:


Impressive work!
Very realistic:thumbsup:


very very beautiful.

lovee the skin materials.


:eek: :eek:
aila GREAT work man awesome image love the eyes
verry realistic eyes :applause:
how u all done great looking eyes plz gimmmme some tips :lightbulb
***** star from me


WOW, my only comment is on her hair, is too soft, need a little bit more specular. like a silky hair.

Overall, WOW. i love it.


Fantastic. Great job on the skin,lips and eybrows. Only thing I noticed was the skin on the shoulder looks really flat and lacks detail. I agree with the comment about needing more specular/gloss on the hair and also the directions/organization of the hair strands could use a little more work in front.


WOW WOW WOW, what can I say… I’m just falling in love with her :love:


Wow youer work is ekselent. but you should work on the hair more (give them more glow and make them tinner). Your wifes work is also exelent i especially like your work titled butterfly owsom job if you cold can you send me its wier fram. And if you could I would like to see the wier fram of this wor too.Good luck for both you end your wife.


Wow it’s amazing how much this looks like a girl I know. Anyway awesome work, please give some insights on skin shaders. Thanks for the HI-Res wallpaper!


Neat Stuff~!


Holy crap, that’s amazing! Wonderful job!