sorry guys, nube question comming up…

how do i make a HUD? cant see anywhere where to make one.


Well, the easiest way is to click on the Edit menu in one of your viewports, and then go to to the Configure button and click on that. Then in the options that pop up, click on the HUD tab. :thumbsup:


Select the fields you want in any cat’, right click and add to hud.
Use Ctrl to move. Simple. A cool work flow enhancement for some. Not something I’ll personally be using too much.


i cannot find that right click menu


(Hold shift to select more options, they appear a lighter grey when selected)

Just right click your mouse and it’ll pop up.

Show subchannels.

at the bottoms is the Add to HUD option…


first off, holding shift and right clicking doesn do anything for me.

and when i right click i get this -


It’s properties of things like lights that work.


here you go, check this out;


gottcha :thumbsup:

as long as there’s a small circle in the properties sub-menu it’ll go in. thanking you fellers :slight_smile: i hate acting like i should know these things.


good stuff.


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